Sofonias Daniel


My name is Sofonias Daniel. I’m originally from Eritrea, who came to Canada recently. I’m a Holy Cross high school grade 12th student who graduated this year. I’m a self taught artist. My art works are basically connected with my upbringing and life experiences. As I grow with deep poverty and Massive economic and political crisis art was my main means of coping and adapting my life experiences. Hence this Art works I’m presenting are highly influenced by the specific situation I experienced living in Ethiopia as a refugee. Apparently I can say the gift and love of Art that grow up with me is not just a hobby but a means of surviving to the challenges I face as a person. Further more through this desire I have to base the intent and message of my art work in harmony with my experience, I guard the originality and authenticity of my work. Because the art works I’m presenting to this competition explicitly defines my experience as a person.

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