Stephanie Lael Barrick


Stephanie Lael Barrick


Stephanie Lael Barrick transforms materials in experimental ways, creating mixed media wearable art that is sculpture rather than fashion.
The two influences of her mother, an accomplished seamstress, and her father, a welder by trade, meld together into a unique blend of materials and techniques. Her background in handmade paper and metal sculpture informs her current work, while art education experience provides a strong foundation for technique choices.
Growing up in suburban Virginia, Stephanie fondly remembers family vacations whetting her appetite for travel and exploration. Studying in London, living in Germany, and travelling throughout Europe, Israel, and Egypt exposed Stephanie to a vast array of art and culture. Her next international trip will be to the annual World Of WearableArt (WOW), in New Zealand.
Stephanie’s wearable sculptures use content rooted in the Christian faith and Scripture. God gifted and directed her to develop the presentation of her wearable sculpture into a runway format, in addition to gallery exhibition. The next step is to develop a stage show incorporating original music, choreography, and technology to present the wearable sculptures. Stephanie desires to use art to contribute truth, goodness, and beauty to anyone open to receiving it.

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Stephanie Lael Barrick

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