Stephen aifegha


Stephen aifegha


My name is Stephen Aifegha, I was born in Lagos state; the western part of Nigeria often known as the New York of Nigeria, due to its metropolitan structure backed up with the daily hustle and bustle. My artistic practice is influenced by my identity and culture as an African, being born and raised in Nigeria; however, I like to identify myself more as African than “Nigerian”. I am a mixed media artist who uses original African fabrics and newsprint as a major element in my art, the African fabrics are used to show my identity as an African and also give an insight about my subject matter or narrative as it concerns issues regarding the African continent and the diaspora, the newsprint at the other hand, I use to seek texture and also make social commentary. Both the fabrics and newsprint put together creates a feeling of dynamism to the viewer. However, my subject matter and narrative as mixed-media artist center on historical, social, cultural issues that concern Africa in regard to cultural syncretism, identity issues, culture clash, and pride.

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