Piotr Franciszek Barszczowski


Dr PIOTR FRANCISZEK BARSZCZOWSKI visual artist and photographer, visual communication designer, theologian and educator. He was born on June 8th 1972 in Tarnow in Poland. He is a graduate of two cracovian universities: The Academy of Fine Arts and The Papal Theological Academy. He specialized in the field of visual communication and the history of sacred art. The author of visual profiles of over 500 companies. A photographer - a member of The Association of Polish Art Photographers and a member of The Association of Polish Artists and Designers. The creator of "NEW-STAINED-GLASS" which is his own technique used for ‘painting’ by means of digital macro and microphotography. The founder of the Atelier “SYMBOL” (1995). As well as the group of artists “ NEOSECESSION”(2008). Lecturer and researcher at the University of Applied Sciences in Tarnow (UAS Tarnow). The president of the PEGAZ (Pegasus) Art Foundation (2018).

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