Hello tansi. I would like to start by expressing my gratitude for letting me be part of this cool team. A little about myself, My name is Natasha Coutre, I am an independent, indigenous Cree women. I'm here because I wanted to see if my art is worth showing and if I can consider myself as artist, this my first little step to my big dream and there is no harm in trying new things worth wile. I consider myself as a jack of all trades kind of women. Iv built and created things that I never thought I could pull off, but I only seem to amazed myself. With that said I am a single mother a 2, my oldest is 10, her name is Karrisa, my youngest is 27 months and his name is Kyler. With the covid pandemic, it sparked my energies, started painting and exploring things with art the hardest yet coolest one yet, was the reverse perspective drawings. I wanted to explore more so in addition I applied for the interior design course at Vcad college last year, it hasn't been no easy road, its been a struggle to keep up and do it from home, but all in all I'm making it work. Then to boot, I love creating things much so, that I recently finished building my kids a backyard rollercoaster, I like to say that I'm pretty proud of myself for completing such a task, there were times I almost quit, it took me 4 months to finish. I'm hoping in the next 10 years to have my own interior designers shop. I love people, so in return I would love to make my peoples homes as lovely, and beautiful as they are and bring happiness and harmony to many homes. Thanks for taken your time to read my bio intro, and stay blessed.

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