Temo Dou


——I have been exploring the possibilities of images, not just a momentary freeze.Reality has always been a puzzle to me, walking in the world is not necessarily more real than a dream, since I was young I like to observe quietly in the corners of the crowd. Those individuals like me, one by one, make up the so-called reality, do they see what I see? Do they think the same as me?Is the environment or a memory stagnating? Individual absurdity emerges spontaneously. What about a group? A group is consisting of multiply individuals ,the sum of absurdity. In the myth of Sisyphus, Camus said that once a person realizes the absurdity, he does not belong to the future. Since then my life has merged with dreams, books, movies, and photos, they have all become three-dimensional, life is inseparable from them. Photography walks towards me as I walk towards photography, I cannot explain it,My thoughts always appear in a strong visual way on images, filled with magical mysticism in front of the camera the display is unobstructed, this is the sense of mission photography gives me. “Through long-term psychological training, individuals can completely give up their obsession of personal limitations, hobbies, hopes and fears. No longer resisting self-annihilation, this is a prerequisite for rebirth from knowing the truth, becoming mature, and finally becoming one with God.”——The hero with thousand faces (written by Joseph John Campbell )

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