Twila Miles


Twila Miles


I am, first and foremost, a child of the living God. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, and desire to honor and glorify Him with all that I do.

Secondly, I am an artist from a long line of artists, a colorful thread woven among many generations. I graduated from Davidson College with a BA in Fine Arts, and from Covenant Theological Seminary with an MA in Theological Studies. I studied art in France, and have had the joy of showing in a number of galleries throughout North Carolina. I am able to produce various types of artwork, but painting is, by far, where my passion lies. My paintings are a part of the permanent art collection at Davidson College, as well as many corporate, church, and private collections. For the years it was open, a cafe in Philadelphia also housed a full-wall mural of mine.

As I paint, my mind constantly goes back and forth, choreographing a dance between prominent brush strokes, color, and composition. These elements are key in all of my paintings, reflecting the emotions of joy, peace, depression, anxiety, expectation, and hope, which make up a significant portion of the day-to-day experience. Ultimately, I pray that each painting will inspire others to look to the Lord through every step in the journey of life.

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