Walter Hernandez


Walter Hernandez


My name Is Walter Hernandez, I studied Art at Hillsborough Comunity College back 1972 to 1976 in Tampa, Fla and I had a one Man Show at the Gallery Tate in Tampa, Fla. I moved to Westminster, Mass where I had a one Man Show at the Pellechias Gallery, I participated at Shrowberry Art show were I got the prize the Best of the show in 1978. I had a one Man show in Boston University where I got a the Best of the Art Show, 1979. I was a coordinator for Devine Design from 1982 to 1991 in Colombia, South América. I was invited in 1994 to have a one Man Show at the Museum of Moderna Art in Bucaramanga, Colombia after a month It was extended for another month. In Costa Rica I participated at the HP Talent where I worked and I won the 1 st prize un 2011. I have painted for the last 46 years and got born again when I was 20 years old and I have experimented with painting, Sculpture and 3D Effect for the last 35 years. I feel that my work it's to be enjoy as It Is but there's a added value the 3D Effect.

Best Contact Method ir my phone number 506-8995-7176, or Facebook: Walter Hernández Laverde.

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