Warren Van Kirk


Warren Van Kirk


Warren Van Kirk and Gregory Van Kirk the creative brothers Florida based artists, musicians, and video producers.

The brothers began their career as musicians performing on stage the musician later began to deeper explore the many facets of the arts.

Warren Van Kirk 10/13/1978
Warren Van Kirk creates unique audio and visual mixed media art finding inspiration in the moment and through creative processes cultivates and harvests a unique moment in time.
A 21st century Artist and Musician contributing to the arts and actively engaged in the community.

Gregory Van Kirk 06/30/1981
Florida based artist, musician and developing photographer, Gregory Van Kirk has been honing his skills in photography. In 2019 the artist began to experiment with wide-angle panoramic or spherical photographs. Gregory’s work can be displayed as an encompassing 360-degree circle or a spherical view, tiny planet or other various angles available to the artist and viewer.

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G Sherman Publishing

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