Wendy Jendro


Wendy Jendro


Having grownup in Downey California, Wendy Jendro grew near the beaches and mountains. Throughout her life, she spent most of her time outdoors. Wendy’s art is mostly of nature either in black and white photography or drawings or paintings. She enjoys sharing beauty to the world. Wendy enjoys manipulating an ordinary picture in the darkroom with light magic.

Wendy started art and photography in 1980 in her school. Her love of the arts grew from music, to photography and painting and ceramics. She finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and minor in photography at Adams University.

Wendy stepped away from art as a career but Art never left her soul. As the Corona Virus Pandemic started, Wendy couldn’t go to the Photo labs to make photographs, so she started drawing again to keep her closer to God. During Wendy’s time drawing, she prays for others and the world and keeps her heart at peace. She hopes her talents may shine God’s Love to others during this stressful time.

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