wenona Bride


wenona Bride


my name is Wenona Hollis, I have AD disorder, and severe learning disability and art is a way for me to explaining the world around me without being looked at as strange to those in it. lol

I am an extremist, its all or nothing. i have hope, love and dreams of many things to do. I myself am an idealist & realist. being a foster kid 5-17, for most of us as foster kids this system forced us into being doers. I am now in my forties not really knowing back in my teens if i would make it thus far in life, yet here I am. i have been reaching for starts my entire life needing to give back to a system less than perfect, a chance. a chance in-spite of my many adversities. the foster system deserves a chance to be heard in art, music and dreams. my dream is to give back to less than perfect in order to achieve perfection. I believe in the system and would like to be the voice of something less than perfect for kids to reach the life of possible dreams

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