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I am a Christian. My name is Walter Hisey, but everyone calls me Butch. I am from the small town of Edinburg in Shenandoah County, Virginia. I like fishing and watching the Greenbay Packers (America's Team) play football. While on vacation, I clearly heard the words Ezekiel 3:4. I looked up Ezekiel 3:4 and I didn't discern what the Lord was telling me. My wife had bought me a camera to help me fill my time during retirement. I had never given photography much thought. I started taking photographs of birds and was quite good at it. I won second place at the County fair. For some reason I took photos of clouds and was prompted to enlarge some of them on my camera; to my amazement I saw biblical characters and biblical scenes. I went to Walmart and had the photos developed. They were awesome, so I framed them; now I am wondering what to do with them. I looked up prophetic photos, prophetic art and prophetic everything. I was led to Ephesians 6:10-20 Engage Art Contest that was on the internet; this was absolutely God's timing. What better way to expose the photos God had given me. I know it is for his glory not mine that they be seen by all people. People will see them and discern them in different ways. Hopefully some people will see them and be spiritually awoken. Maybe some unsaved will want to enter the House of the Lord. Ezekiel, Chapter 3 has been discerned to me now. Maybe some of the saved have gotten off the path of the lord and will be encouraged by these photos to persevere and come back to the path of righteousness and repent earnestly in these last days. I am entering this contest, but who is the real artist? Honestly the only thing I did was hold the camera; God provided the canvas (the sky) and told me when to snap the photos on these moving and rapidly dissipating clouds. I was told to examine each photo and develop them. God showed me spiritual characters in the photos (I would have never seen) and related scripture to each photograph. I can't take credit for being an artist; but I am entering one of five prophetic photographs as my Mission for God and for his Glory.

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