Winston Young


Winston Young


When I was five, I saw an older boy drawing a water buffalo. I was so amazed and impressed by the idea that someone could create something so beautiful. Since then, I knew that I wanted to become an artist. By God’s grace, I was selected to represent New Jersey in a national arts recognition and talent search where I was placed among the top 15 from a group of over 5,000 applicants during my senior year in high school.
This paved the way for me to get a full scholarship at the Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, OH) where I completed my BFA in illustration.

Since then, I am continually drawn to and challenged by the old European masters’ meticulous skills, dedicated passion, and unique brand of artistic production that continues to speak and resonate with audiences today. Their message transcends the passage of time and the ever-shifting social and political contexts without the need for any verbose discursive meditations or lengthy psychological, socio-cultural or political interpolations.

As a Christian artist, my art aims to remind the viewers of this generation about the continuing relevance of the timeless themes, qualities, and virtues that the biblical and classical tradition has to offer in this fast-changing digital world. But most of all, I want the artwork to speak for itself.

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