Yosei Galvez


Hi! I´m Yosei, a 23 years old storyteller, writer, artist. I believe storytelling is one of the most powerful tool. Yeshuah (Jesus) used it during his time on earth, He told the best stories and he still doing it. I pray I can learn more from him to do the same. // I am part of Cielo y Tierra Studios, a team full of creativity ready to continue creating art, is one of the best ways we know to communicate with God and to tell others about him, and it is a pleasure to share it with you.

Best Contact Method

We are more active on instagram stories and posts! You can send us a DM if you are interested in working together. We are open to work with other creatives.

Business Name/Organization

Cielo y Tierra Studios

Artwork Entries


Yosei Galvez




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