Yvette Charles


Yvette Charles


Yvette Charles is a 34 year old beautiful Christian mother of two incredibly amazing children Prince and Tana.She believes that all good and perfect gift comes from GOD.She is a very passionate ,enthusiastic and charismatic Christian educator who aspires to be the Proverbs 31 wife.She is the stunning fiance of Bronson Jno.Baptiste and is on the verge of becoming a married power couple.

She is genuinely compassionate, fascinatingly amicable and incredibly talented .She seeks to inspire others through her Whatsapp motivational and inspirational Ministry. Her love for Performing Arts is astounding since she enjoys drama,acting,dancing,poetry and hilarious comedy.

As an educator she loves creative writing and she makes learning very stimulating and exhilarating for her students.She instills confidence and self worth in them by using foundational principles from the greatest book to us ,the Holy Bible.She purposefully engage in complimenting others and trying to be a source of strength and support for others especially moms.She diligently pursue studies in the Word of the Lord .

She luxuriates in the Psalms and Proverbs and walks confidently on God's solid foundational principles.She knows that she is a daughter of the Heavenly King.She treats her Bible like her life literally depends on it since it's where she obtains all her spiritual nourishment.

Indeed she is eternally grateful for this incredible opportunity to share her passion with the world since her spiritual calling is Evangelizing.To GOD be the glory of great things He has done!!!

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