Ismail Odetola


To create from existential and non-existential thoughts, past present and future reality and from the realness of feelings is my aim as an artist. This is the foundation of my art creation. For year now curiosity and optimism had been my guide, and as the curious artist that I am, I use my art to navigate the world, this way I don’t become an intelligent artist who applies logic to everything. Instead, I let the world pass through me by experiencing it without suspicion. I have a responsibility to uphold as an artist and an activist, which is to be the best of myself, to discover the value and the power of my inherent gift and to become a leader in my generation by serving that gift to the world at large. I love to dare with my camera, to create something new from the original experimenting with different elements, to find meaning, especially in the complexity of reality. I approach my works with different style, in other to achieve something new that can start new conversation. Photography It’s an art that appreciates other art, life and beyond. My works is a fusion documentary, conceptual, abstract photography, film which is sometime achieved through documentary, installation and performance.

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