Dear Younger Me | Sandra J. Ceas

Engage Art | Artist to Artist, Faith, Reflection & Growth | April 21, 2020

Dear Younger Me,

When you meet the Lord and King of Heaven, do more than say “hi’ and “nice to meet you.” Ask how you can be in a life-long relationship, because our loving God will answer you, and lead you down a path He has planned for you; a path that will fill the desires of your heart.

You knew He had gifted you with artistic talent, yet you did not know how to serve Him with this special skill. Now I know, and I am telling you: Listen more carefully to how He can use you through the very special crafting of you. Learn to understand how God made you, and how He placed certain desires on your heart so that you can cultivate them to glorify Him.

Oh, dear younger me, you lost out on so much time, yet He waited for you to return home to His calling. Be brave, be bold, and claim your gift early, so that not a moment is lost serving Him through the gift He has given you, to give back to Him.

Sandy Ceas

Author Bio

Sandra Ceas
Artist - Educator - Life Learner + Culture Producer

Sandra Jean Ceas (Sandy) is a Denver artist, educator and social justice practitioner in the arts. She lives in the foothills of Colorado, creates in her home studio, and exhibits nationally and internationally. Her work is interdisciplinary and expressed through various mediums with an aim to contrast cultural incongruities for collective discourse, and to raise consciousness for justice and peace. Ceas has a Master’s of Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute, California in New Genres, and a Master’s of Art in Humanities from the University of Denver Colorado with an emphasis on Philosophy and Religion. She teaches at Colorado State University in the Master of Arts LEAP Program for Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and leads global art programs for social change, to include art presentations for justice through spiritual interface. Ceas is the Founder, President, and CEO of Christos Collective, a non-profit art organization supporting artists of Christian faith.

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