The Engage Art App

The Engage Art App is full of exclusive content to inspire you and help you grow. The App is also a requirement for contestants and important for keeping artists up-to-date on the Engage Art Contest.

Engage Scripture

A research study (with 100,000+ people in 20+ countries over 7 years) showed that, statistically speaking, Scripture engagement is the most important factor for spiritual growth. People who engage with the Bible—even just a verse or two—four or more times a week grow spiritually and have fewer problems with challenging behaviors. Nothing else had nearly as much impact. Who knew?! We call this “The Power of 4 or More.”

The Engage Art App is a delivery device for customized daily Scripture, because we want to help you tap into the Power of 4 or More. Take the survey when prompted to receive daily Scriptures personalized to your goals. Your survey and use of the app is completely anonymous.


Set Daily Reminders

Most of us don’t leverage The Power of 4 or More to improve our lives—it feels too hard to fit it in, or we just don’t remember.

To change our behavior, we need: (1) the motivation to act

(2) the ability to act

(3) a trigger to remind us to act.


Engage Scripture

When you sign up and answer the survey questions, the app anonymously matches you with the most helpful verses based on your goals. You can retake the survey whenever you like, and periodically, the app will suggest it. You also get to choose when and how often the app invites you to read Scripture.


App Tracks

Each Monday, new content will post to each of these tracks, providing a steady stream of relevant, accessible, and interesting content across all five subjects, available at any time—on the App, online, or at the bottom of this page. Check them out!

Spiritual Battle

The topic of the Engage Art contest is the Spiritual Battle. Suit up with verses, perspectives, and content covering the battle between good and evil.


Prayer is so vital for spiritual growth! Find daily inspiration for a richer prayer life: reflection questions, encouraging Scriptures, and new ways to pray.


Get all the details about submitting your art to the 2022 World Contest: requirements, FAQ, and all the latest developments.

Level Up

One of our priorities is to help artists grow. Access content from our eCourse, Masters & Mentors, Art Cards, and exclusive content you can only find in this track—all meant to hone your craft and grow your business.


Encouragement for creatives, artist profiles, feedback from last year’s contestants—this track is a space for artists in the Engage Art Tribe to inspire one another.


Contest Requirement

Downloading the Engage Art app and registering with the same email as your submission is a requirement for entering the Engage Art Contest.

Watch our App Videos Below

Engage Art App Registration video takes you through the registration process from start to finish.

The Engage App Walkthrough includes the entire app. You’ll learn how to navigate the app, what is available in it, and how to customize the app to your preferences.

Take the anonymous personalized Spiritual Assessment on our app so it can provide you with customized, relevant daily scriptures. Update your answers at any time .

Grow Spiritually

The Engage Art app will keep you up-to-date on the Engage Art Contest and connect you to materials customized to appeal to artists, art appreciators, and anyone else who prefers on-screen content infused with video and images instead of facing down a wall of text.

Powerful Tools

The App is built to help you in your whole life! It offers personalized daily Scripture verses and five different tracks with content to help you grow, personally and professionally. The entire platform is based on research studies on how to best impact behavior and take advantage of the Power of 4 or More.

Easy to Customize

You can customize your App experience to match your schedule and interests. Answer a few questions at the beginning, and the App will offer daily Scripture customized to your goals. Scroll down the homepage to view or subscribe to any of our five (new and improved!) tracks. You can also check out our tracks on this webpage—see the links below.

User Friendly Interface

The App is easy to use and full of original art. When you get a notification, you can choose to (literally) “tap in” to the Power of 4 or More in support of your daily Scripture engagement.

Connect with the Tribe

Although our tracks are built for artists and art appreciators, they are perfect for anyone open to more creativity in their life. The tracks seek to connect you to God’s Word and to each other. A new commenting feature on all track posts allows you to connect and grow together.


App Tracks