Want to Write for Engage Art?

Engage Art Writers Guide

We welcome guest posts that offer diverse, relevant, and uplifting perspectives on art and faith.

The Engage Art blog publishes content-rich, yet accessible and engaging articles that:

1. Help people of all backgrounds Engage Culture, Engage Scripture, and Engage Art;

2. Help artists grow both personally and professionally; and 

3. Help reintroduce artists and the church. 


We love to hear from artists and art appreciators around the world, but Engage Art does not work with sponsored content or product placements.


Many of our articles are roughly 2,000-2,500 words, but you should write to whatever length feels right for you. It’s okay if it’s longer or shorter. 


Engage Art resources are for everybody. Our audience is diverse and global. 

Professionally, some have MFA degrees and others never went to college. Our tribe includes emerging artists, bivocational creatives (a musician/insurance agent; a truck driver/filmmaker), and art appreciators. We also reach professionals who regularly show work at galleries or teach graduate classes. We want your writing to reach everybody. 

Spiritually, our readers include Christians of every denomination and also many who would not identify themselves that way. Our diverse readers share a common interest in the arts and in exploring ways Scripture can inspire art. We welcome everybody, regardless of what they think or believe.

The take-away: Don’t try to simplify your ideas (this is not pop culture), don’t talk down to the audience, but do think about making your writing conversational and accessible (this is not an academic paper). Your writing might be edited for tone. 


If there are images you would like to include, please include a link in your article or send a file. Videos can be linked from YouTube or Vimeo. Please also let us know if you have already researched any copyright restrictions that might apply. We may add or change images for publication.


Include the URL for any links you would like to embed. Paste straight from your browser, like this: “you can reach the author at his website [LINK: https://engageart.org/]


Include 2-3 sentences about yourself, including a link to your website or the best way for readers to find out more about your work.


We want the editing process to be a win-win. We want to make you shine, and we want our readers to engage well with your ideas. We may edit for length, clarity, grammar and tone. If working with an editor is new for you, don’t worry—it’s sort of like a conversation. We will send edits to you, and you will respond. Often, this process sharpens your ideas and how you are expressing them. We’ll work together to make sure the final draft is something we’re both proud of before it is published.


We see the folks that write for Engage Art as our partners. It’s important that you are happy with your work and how it is presented. It’s important that the content we promote and share aligns with our goals. Expect to talk with Teresa or Kate before you start writing and to have a closer relationship with them during the editing process. 


Decided to move forward? Terrific! The first step is to get in touch with Kate (kate@engageart.org) or Teresa (tcochran@engageart.org). Once they hear from you, they will reach out and begin the conversation.