Abiola Idowu


Abiola Idowu


Born in Nigeria, Abiola Idowu had dedicated his life to to become an accomplished artist of the 20th and 21st Centuries. He received formal art training in Lagos and Zaira, Nigeria and completed a residency in Nairobi, Kenya. He is known as a prolific and creative painter and sculptor that draws on spiritual faith and the love of simple everyday beauty. He creates dramatic pieces that are influenced by West African folk art, but maintain a modern signature style. After only a few years of showcase across Africa, his work began to turn heads internationally. For the past five years, his following in Canada and the United states has grown rapidly; having created and distributed works for more than 10 exhibitions during this time.

As a person, Abiola is warm, caring and community-oriented. As an artist he is hardworking, effective, efficient, and committed. Abiola possesses distinct talents as a creative thinker. His passion lies in being creative and achieving his desired goals or design in sculpting and painting. Abiola’s creativity has led him to develop unique techniques such as “OPO” (meaning PILLAR in the Yoruba dialect of South Western Nigeria), “PALMISTRY,” and “MECHANOMORPHY”

Best Contact Method

IG: abiolaidowuart
Facebook: idowu.biola.509

Business Name/Organization

Shéré Arts

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