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Born in Nigeria, Abiola Idowu had dedicated his life to to become an accomplished artist of the 20th and 21st Centuries. He received formal art training in Lagos and Zaira, Nigeria and completed a residency in Nairobi, Kenya. He is known as a prolific and creative painter and sculptor that draws on spiritual faith and the love of simple everyday beauty. He creates dramatic pieces that are influenced by West African folk art, but maintain a modern signature style. After only a few years of showcase across Africa, his work began to turn heads internationally. For the past five years, his following in Canada and the United states has grown rapidly; having created and distributed works for more than 10 exhibitions during this time. ​ As a person, Abiola is warm, caring and community-oriented. As an artist he is hardworking, effective, efficient, and committed. Abiola possesses distinct talents as a creative thinker. His passion lies in being creative and achieving his desired goals or design in sculpting and painting. Abiola’s creativity has led him to develop unique techniques such as “OPO” (meaning PILLAR in the Yoruba dialect of South Western Nigeria), “PALMISTRY,” and “MECHANOMORPHY”




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Itunu shows my fusion style of painting in which I create components in different dimensions and fuses them together on canvas. More examples of this style are showcased on my website.

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Itunu means 'comfort' in the Yorbua language of Nigeria. The painting tells the story of a woman who was born to a wealthy and influential family in Africa. Her parents sheltered her and designed a stress-less life for their only daughter. When she was a young woman, she was sent abroad to study. Her parents believed that this would polish her and prepare her for the life of stature and wealth.

While abroad, she explored the world herself and she learned that there is more to life than what she had been shown by her parents. She learned about struggle, labor, poverty, pain, and the gifts of endurance. Through this experience was awakened to the beauty of service and the expression of love to others. Also through this experience, she connected with God.

Wearing God's full armor, she returned home and made a decision that would disappoint her family, she declined the silver spoon she was born with. She didn't do this to insult her family or to trample on their reputable name. She only wished to follow her own path, and create her own life, guided by her newly found wisdom. She reasoned that if she worked for her wealth, it would have more value to her and to the community she wished to serve.

She went to the village to create this life. It wasn't easy. Her choices and her love and devotion for others set her aside from the other villagers who ridiculed her and refused to welcome her. She spent much of her life in isolation, and without physical comforts.

She didn't give up. She began selling palm wine around the village from her bicycle. She refused to let her physical circumstances define her or limit her. She believed in herself and continued to shield herself from darkness with her faith and prayer. This she continued until fortune smiled on her.

She was linked to a factory that used palm wine as its major raw material, and that was what eventually brought her physical comforts. She became the sole distributor, because of her tenacity and resilience.

She began to give back in many ways to the people of the village, who now accepted her love and she gained respect from the village and beyond. She returned to her family to restore their relationship and bring them comfort in knowing her success.

The woman had successfully created the peaceful and virtuous life that she desired. She didn't allow the shame, humiliation, disappointment, betrayal or any other form of darkness to lead her from her path.

The face of the woman illustrated in Itunu, is strong and determined. She is surrounded by swirls of color representing the armor of God which enabled her to peacefully win her battle.


Biola Idowu is the sculptor and painter who created this painting.

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Abiola Idowu is a sculptor and painter in Brampton, Ontario. Many beautiful works are available for purchase on his online gallery ( He is available for commission sculptures and paintings.

Abiola also operates a small gallery in Brampton. Please contact him for collaborations, including exhibitions.

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