Alex Sandulescu


I was born on 21 October 1989. I have a Master's degree in interior architecture. I am self taught when it comes to drawing and painting. In my paintings I talk about things that I find interesting like: human virtues, other countries and their cultures, my emotions, my life, hardships of life, war and history. In one word you could say I inspire myself from "life". My process of creation always starts with a visual idea for the painting, ideas that I get from from dreams, from reading interesting things or just watching nature. The visual of a painting I am doing is important, but the idea behind it is also very important. Because I am fascinated by animals, I sometimes use them as symbols for what I want to say. Also I try to give the paintings an immortal look so that someone watching it couldn't say exactly when it was created . I also like working with surreal because I can show new things that don't exist. What I really want to achieve through my work is to create an art that can withstand the test of time, like old Master's paintings do.

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website - email - instagram - @alexsandulescudesign

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