Andrea Prado


Andrea Prado


Art has always been a part in my life! Since I was a young girl, I began waking up early during the weekends to paint. At 9 I won my first painting contest, which ignited a creative spark that included winning several painting & international photography contests during my young life.

Art lets me speak in ways that words cannot.
 Art has always been my companion through pain, personal growth and transformation.
Through the years, my paintings have helped me understand who I am and enhance my life through self-expression.
They have been my journey through growth, transformation and healing.

Several years ago, while reading 'The Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren, I came across a quote that changed my life: ‘Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God’.

I consider my creativity a gift from God, so that day I pledged that I was going to donate ALL the proceeds from ANY of my creative endeavors to people in need. And that was exactly the day that I felt I found my life's purpose!

Even though I enjoy and cherish the artistic side of my artistic career, I sell in local and international galleries and have participated in many art shows in places like Miami and Dubai, I consider the 'purpose' of my art and the results of it, the REAL CALLING!

Through the years my creativity and God given 'inspiration sparks' had led me to develop several succesful fundraising projects that have been a blessing for many people in need. 100% of the profits are donated to different charities in El Salvador & Guatemala

You can check out some of my recent creative projects here:
@andreapradoart (see the highlights)

Andrea Prado Art
Hojas Eternas


Born in Guatemala in 1968 - Lives in El Salvador since 2000
Bachelor of Advertising and Art - Oral Roberts University - Tulsa, OK


Exhibition of women in C.C. Galleries - El Salvador-2000
Collective exhibition-Universidad Galileo - Guatemala - November 2004
Private exhibition - Painting - Believe Series - El Salvador - April 2010
ART BASEL DESIGN DISTRICT - NIETO Design -Painting- Miami - Dec 2011
Artisan Restaurant Exhibition - Painting - Believe Series - Key Biscayne - FL -2012
Private exhibition - Painting - Fluids - El Salvador - 2016
Private exhibition - Resin sculpture - ‘Hearts’ Series - El Salvador - February 2017
Private exhibition - Resin sculpture -Transparencias de Vida’ - El Salvador - 2018
Margarita Tejada Foundation Auction - Guatemala - July 2018
Art exhibition - Galeria Gris 68 - Painting and sculpture - El Salvador - 2019
Art exhibition - Resin sculpture - Artist Guild Gallery -Vero Beach USA - Jan 2020
Art exhibition - Painting - UMM AL QUWAIN Art Festival - DUBAI - February 2020

Art Projects For Fundraising

ESFERAS DE CARE -project consisting of 45 giant spheres intervened by local and international artists that involved an entire community: artists, students, companies, the general public, in order to raise funds to benefit more than 6,000 families living in poverty with the projects that CARE in El Salvador - Care International - El Salvador - 2006

NAKAR - Design and marketing of decorative products made with recycled oysters and made by Salvadoran women from El Salvador victims of domestic or sexual violence. FB & Insta: Nakar

ETERNAL LEAVES - Design and elaboration of sculptures inspired by the creation of God using the leaves of the Guarumo tree
FB: Hojas Eternas

ART WORKSHOPS for people in need at Fundacion SENDAS, Mission to El Salvador and Fundacion EXODO

ART WORKSHOPS - Moderna Art Supply - El Salvador - Nov 2019
El Encanto Country Club - El Salvador Feb 2020


First Prizes for Photography Ray-0-Vac- Guatemala-1983
First, Second and Third Place - Photo Contest Oral Roberts Univ-1986
Third Prize in American Express Int. Photography Contest-1991
AVON WOMAN Award - Honorable Mention - El Salvador - 2007

Best Contact Method

Cel: 503-7069-1557 (El Salvador)


Andrea Prado Art
Hojas Eternas

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