Angel Velez


Angel Velez


Being raised in the era where multimedia is part of daily life, I have developed an appetite to consume stories and remix them with a theological twist. Trying to follow in Tolkien and Lewis' footsteps, my passion to conjure amazing stories with the gospel as its beating, life giving heart, is unquenchable. From theater plays to short films to books and even graphic novels, I have tried to convoy the gospel message in a way that is both entertaining and also spiritually satisfying. Most of my life have been centered around the arts, specifically through theater plays for the community. This exposure to theater prepared me to jump into filmmaking and writing and interestingly, into theology as well. While in college, I ventured into film studies, theology and apologetics in an effort to bring my passion into fruition. I still have ways to go but, at the very least, God has given me the pleasure of serving him using what I love.

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