Artist bio

Being raised in the era where multimedia is part of daily life, I have developed an appetite to consume stories and remix them with a theological twist. Trying to follow in Tolkien and Lewis' footsteps, my passion to conjure amazing stories with the gospel as its beating, life giving heart, is unquenchable. From theater plays to short films to books and even graphic novels, I have tried to convoy the gospel message in a way that is both entertaining and also spiritually satisfying. Most of my life have been centered around the arts, specifically through theater plays for the community. This exposure to theater prepared me to jump into filmmaking and writing and interestingly, into theology as well. While in college, I ventured into film studies, theology and apologetics in an effort to bring my passion into fruition. I still have ways to go but, at the very least, God has given me the pleasure of serving him using what I love.



Artist Statement

Initiation explores the movement of a young man's fear into confidence. The first day on the job can be daunting for many of us as the unforeseeable future brings with it anxiety. Such is the case for our main character, who after speaking with a fellow worker, finds the courage to plow through in Eph. 6:10-20.

Using comedy as a tool, the short film tries to make us laugh while at the same time giving space for the audience to reflect on how the verses can bring solace into our daily lives.

How it fits into contest

The film intends to make sense of Eph.6 in a way that is applicable to daily life. It tries to contextualize the verses and interpret them in light of the Mexican/American experience. Not only this, but the film is filled with shots symbolizing each part of the spiritual armor.


Writers: Ricardo Mijón and Angel O. Vélez

Produced by: ICM Lardeo and 13th Epigone

Music by: Ricardo Mijón
"Noche de Ronda" original song by Eydie Gorme, Trio Los Panchos; Remixed for film by Ricardo Mijón
"La pelea con el diablo" Original song by Octavio Meza y su Conjunto; Cover performed by Ricardo Mijón

Audio mixing: Sonar Studios

Ricardo Mijón
Alex "Bulldog" García
Daniel Castillo
Samuel Vélez
Gerardo Palacios

Special Thanks to:
Andrés Arias (editing consultant)
Rev. Gilberto Vélez, MD (Senior Pastor ICM Laredo)

Directed by: Angel O. Vélez

Transcript / Lyrics

2:03min -
Man 1 - "Patrón" (Boss)
Man 2 - "Shhhh"

Man 2 - "Mira, compa (Look, bro') We are the light of the world. But sometimes life comes at us and the enemigo (enemy) wants to knock us down. You know what Pablito said? That there are things that we fight that we can see but there are things unseen. But that is why you gotta put the armor. You have your belt? That is the belt of truth, keeps you grounded from what is true. You got your boots? Those are the shoes, THOSE are the shoes to spread the gospel, the good news. Y sabes qué compa'? (And you know what bro'), you see this...There is nothing... but it's a shield, it's faith. And last but not least, Tío (uncle) Pablo gave us a weapon. This is the fun part."

Man 2 - "Look compa' (bro') what we got here, is our main weapon. Gotta make sure you choose the right one. Look at the letter size, look at the leather. See if it fits you good. Cuz, you need the right one for your plaza (place)."

Man 2 - "Hey! not that one. No, no, no, that's the Patron's (Boss'), that's KJV you are not ready for that! Let me see... I think this is the Message, you'll be fine with that one. It's your first day anyway.

Man 2 - "Palacios, you are going to take care of 'Sal si Puedes' and 'Azteca', ok? Vélez, 'Minas', 'Ladrillera'... El Patrón (Boss), el patrón knows what he is doing, he's an OG. You don't tell him where to go, he just goes and speaks; that's it. But you? It's your first day buddy, the Mall it is."

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