April Robbins


April Robbins


My name is April! I’m a 34-year old, self taught artist from Virginia. Growing up, I was always active and was excelling in sports and the outdoors. I never really took time to focus on art unlike my twin brother who was always drawing and went on to attend an Art Institute. In college, I married my high school sweetheart, Stephen. Since then, we have been blessed to have several successful businesses together and three awesome kids; Ava (6), Zoey (2.5), and Declan (9 months).

I first started painting three years ago after trying a Bob Ross tutorial. I enjoyed it and since have continued to paint and draw in my spare time. I use different painting methods from brushes, to painting with my fingers, or directly out of the tube. I came across this contest online and felt led to enter. I started first sketching an idea for this contest back in April. Then I started putting oil on canvas in May and finished in mid-June.

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My website is brand new and is currently under construction: www.aprilrobbinsart.com

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