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My name is April! I’m a self taught artist from Virginia. I first started painting four years ago after trying a Bob Ross tutorial. I enjoyed it and since have continued to paint and draw in my spare time. I use different painting methods from brushes, to painting with my fingers, pouring, or directly out of the tube. Most recently, I started doing digital art.


Bursting with Joy!


Digital Art

Artist Statement

“Bursting with Joy” is a moment captured when my daughter, Zoey, was outside playing with giant bubbles. The bubble represents God’s protection, our armor of God. Zoey reached up to touch the bubble and was filled with joy as it burst on her. As parents, it is our job to train and equip our children in the way he or she should go. It is important we all dress appropriately with the whole armor of God and find joy in any situation. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

How it fits into contest

Children are tempted by Satan. Parents should know how and when spiritual warfare affects our children. Parents, train and equip your children in God’s word; educate them on the armor of God and about spiritual warfare.


My daughter, Zoey. She is pictured in this digital piece from a reference photo of her playing with giant bubbles.

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I offer paintings and digital artwork.

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