Karen Gardiner Armstrong


I live in northeast Georgia, US but am originally from New Hampshire. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was a child. Even though I struggled in my faith at times growing up, the LORD has always been faithful to me and drawing me to Himself. I have always loved to create even as a child, especially with drawing. I love to draw with graphite pencils, paint with oil and acrylics. I am mainly self taught, but have also had the opportunity to teach art in a Christian school for Kindergarten through high school along private classes. It is only through the LORD that I was able to do that and am humbled by the privilege of it. What I love most in what I do, is knowing that my Savior is right beside me as we create pieces together that tell His story in unique ways. My desire is to share Christ through art, telling the story without words. Whether it is sharing the gospel or to encourage others through the art, my desire is for God to be glorified.

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Art4Him Studios

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