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I live in northeast Georgia, US but am originally from New Hampshire. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was a child. Even though I struggled in my faith at times growing up, the LORD has always been faithful to me and drawing me to Himself. I have always loved to create even as a child, especially with drawing. I love to draw with graphite pencils, paint with oil and acrylics. I am mainly self taught, but have also had the opportunity to teach art in a Christian school for Kindergarten through high school along private classes. It is only through the LORD that I was able to do that and am humbled by the privilege of it. What I love most in what I do, is knowing that my Savior is right beside me as we create pieces together that tell His story in unique ways. My desire is to share Christ through art, telling the story without words. Whether it is sharing the gospel or to encourage others through the art, my desire is for God to be glorified.


"Power of God's Truth"



Artist Statement

“Power of God’s Truth” is a 12x16 inch oil painting, done on gallery wrapped canvas. Before I even started to think about what I was going to paint, I prayed a lot and kept reading Ephesians 6:10-20. I remember feeling frustrated as nothing would come to me. Finally, one morning, I asked the LORD what He wanted me to do, as this was His painting. He asked me when I am in a spiritual war, trial or testing what do I do. I looked down at my hands and I visually saw a Bible in my hands. I felt the LORD wanted me to focus on the weapon He has me use, His Word. As I focused on verses 17 and 18, I saw how prayer is a form of a weapon also and how they go hand in hand. Before I started to paint, I wrote several different passages of scripture all over the canvas that had to do with spiritual warfare. I do that with all my paintings. I like the thought of imbedding God’s Word in each piece. I wanted to show the power coming out from under the Bible and going out into the darkness. I was praying about whether to add words on the Bible, but every time, I would go to add it, I had no peace. I felt that the words, as powerful as they are, would distract from the rest of the painting. As we pray, the Holy Spirit enables us to share God’s Word with others, as we do that, we are sharing His light into the darkness of this world. Darkness cannot stand the light, His LIGHT. I used my hands as the model for the painting to remind me how important it is for me to pray for others, not just myself. I also chose my reddish colored Bible in the painting, to represent Christ’s sacrifice and my salvation, tying in the helmet of salvation at the beginning of verse 17.

How it fits into contest

Each piece of the armor of God is important. As I was reading verses 17 and 18, I kept thinking about how important the soldier’s weapon is, in not only protecting themselves, but others as well. As a child of God, His weapon for me is so important in protecting me from the wiles of the enemy, but also important for me to share and protect others in the spiritual battle we all face. Prayer also gives us that extra strength we need in each battle that we face. As we daily read God’s Word, He shows us how to grow in Him, to know Him more and to be able to rely on His Word when tempted by the enemy. As we pray, it’s not an occasional thing, because we are reminded by Paul in verse 18 that we are to be praying always in the Spirit bringing our petitions before Him. Paul also reminds us to keep alert with constant diligence praying for our brothers and sisters. My desire is to show the power of the Sword of the Spirit, God’s truth, and that prayer is the side arm in this painting. That power comes from God and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection.


My LORD as He guided each step of this process and taught me so much through this journey, I took in creating this piece.
My prayer warriors: My husband, Jeff, my cousin, Lisa Bauman, six dear sisters in the LORD: June Mullen, Joanne Branchi, Mary Gage, Nichole Taylor, Tamara Watson and Lisa Perry. These wonderful people would pray for me as I truly was going through a lot of spiritual warfare creating this piece. My daughter, Samara, who took pictures of my hands on my Bible.

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The price is $480.00. Shipping and handling are separate as it depends on location of shipment.
Please contact me through email and arrangements can be made through Venmo or Square for purchase.

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On my website shop section, I offer prints, note cards, devotional, and some original paintings done either in acrylic or oil. At certain times of the year, I will have a calendar for sale which displays not only various pieces of art I have done, but each month has some scripture highlighted to encourage you throughout each month.

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