Astrid Lalanne


Astrid Lalanne


I am an artist. Since a young age, I've always loved art. I grew up with an artsy family made of artists and teachers. My Haitian father works in entertainment and studied accounting. My French mother was a singer and also studied Literature and Philosophy. I was always into some kind of artistic activity. I did Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dance and Hip Hop. I also did Singing and Acting. After the earthquake In Haiti, we moved to France and that was where I really started painting. Painting has a deeper meaning to me. Painting was a therapy for me and helped me survive the trauma of my past memories. Painting has a special place in my heart.

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I make youtube videos for tutorials and more:
And you can go see my Instagram: @astridclairee
You can also contact me:

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Astrid Lalanne

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