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I am an artist. Since a young age, I've always loved art. I grew up with an artsy family made of artists and teachers. My Haitian father works in entertainment and studied accounting. My French mother was a singer and also studied Literature and Philosophy. I was always into some kind of artistic activity. I did Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dance and Hip Hop. I also did Singing and Acting. After the earthquake In Haiti, we moved to France and that was where I really started painting. Painting has a deeper meaning to me. Painting was a therapy for me and helped me survive the trauma of my past memories. Painting has a special place in my heart.


The Gold Battle



Artist Statement

I took 2 days to prepare this artwork and 2 days to finish it because watercolor takes a long time. I love illustrating so I really put my heart into this. I wanted the great battle to really pop out so I made the two different worlds part of the same image. It was a lot of sketching before actually deciding which scenario would look best. Then choosing the colors was also strategic. Everything was mainly done in watercolor, then I added some contrast with fine gel pens for the white and black parts. And finally, I went to office depot to have the best quality scan of 300 to 400 dpi.

How it fits into contest

I used the clouds to show the good and the bad. I did everything the description of the contest asked for but I wanted to twist it a way that you make the viewer keep looking at the scene. I wanted to make more characters than the ones fighting to emphasize the feeling of good fighting the bad so I added the dragon and the angel. Everything goes together. The thunder with the colors and darkness of the clouds with the fire. And on the other side the golden clouds with the church, the grass showing life and the angel. The clouds form a V shape to attract the viewer's eyes on the focal point which is the angel fighting the evil.


My husband helped me with things I couldn't see. Each time I would take a break I would call him and ask him what do you see, and not see? And he would say maybe you could add more detail in the grass? But his favorite thing is the church in the image.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original artwork. I got inspired by the series of fantasy illustration books of Stephanie Pui Mun Law. Her books really helped me.
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