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Brittani Bouwman


My title is undefined and always changing. I’m a lover of personal development, I’m always seeking new ways to push myself beyond known boundaries. No one knows what they are capable of doing until you put in the effort and go for it. I’m a dreamer with big ideas. I’m a natural born artist. Drawing and painting is something that has always come naturally to me and for that I’m forever grateful. I have a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids Michigan. I have explored many avenues of creative design, and have always had an inner calling to reach people through art that has a purpose, functional, if you will. At the age of 11 is when I started diving more into my illustration, design skills and created flash work “tattoo designs”. I found this to be rewarding as an artist to have something I’ve created on the skin of someone forever. Diving into my personal spirituality. This piece was a new beginning to my personal exploration and being able to reach others through my concept development work and critical thinking skills. I’ve pushed my own boundaries to think outside the computer, and outside a traditional square canvas.

My Husband Lance was a huge part in making my concept come into reality. God showed him Ephesians 6:10-20 last year while he was driving on our way to a business trip, he said “quick write this down” and I immediately looked up the verses. We left that business trip with ideas and concepts on how to display and talk to people about spiritual energy without it seeming “wooh wooh”. Everything God has placed in our path has come together. Lance served in the Navy for 7 1/2 years, 3 of those years was served overseas in Yokosuka Japan. We then finished out his active duty career here in Omaha Nebraska and then switched over to a reservist. We are now, as I’m writing this getting ready for another move to New Mexico where he will be fulfilling his career and dream job. We have so much gratitude in our hearts for the Lord opening up these doors of opportunities for us. What I love about Lance is that he pours his heart, soul and mind into everything he does without question. Lance is all self taught in wood working and I would not have been able to create this piece without him. His belief in me and my crazy ideas, fuels my soul. Our creative minds and abilities worked hand in hand to create “Graceful Awakening”.

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