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My title is undefined and always changing. I’m a lover of personal development, I’m always seeking new ways to push myself beyond known boundaries. No one knows what they are capable of doing until you put in the effort and go for it. I’m a dreamer with big ideas. I’m a natural born artist. Drawing and painting is something that has always come naturally to me and for that I’m forever grateful. I have a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids Michigan. I have explored many avenues of creative design, and have always had an inner calling to reach people through art that has a purpose, functional, if you will. At the age of 11 is when I started diving more into my illustration, design skills and created flash work “tattoo designs”. I found this to be rewarding as an artist to have something I’ve created on the skin of someone forever. Diving into my personal spirituality. This piece was a new beginning to my personal exploration and being able to reach others through my concept development work and critical thinking skills. I’ve pushed my own boundaries to think outside the computer, and outside a traditional square canvas. My Husband Lance was a huge part in making my concept come into reality. God showed him Ephesians 6:10-20 last year while he was driving on our way to a business trip, he said “quick write this down” and I immediately looked up the verses. We left that business trip with ideas and concepts on how to display and talk to people about spiritual energy without it seeming “wooh wooh”. Everything God has placed in our path has come together. Lance served in the Navy for 7 1/2 years, 3 of those years was served overseas in Yokosuka Japan. We then finished out his active duty career here in Omaha Nebraska and then switched over to a reservist. We are now, as I’m writing this getting ready for another move to New Mexico where he will be fulfilling his career and dream job. We have so much gratitude in our hearts for the Lord opening up these doors of opportunities for us. What I love about Lance is that he pours his heart, soul and mind into everything he does without question. Lance is all self taught in wood working and I would not have been able to create this piece without him. His belief in me and my crazy ideas, fuels my soul. Our creative minds and abilities worked hand in hand to create “Graceful Awakening”.


Graceful Awakening


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My husband and I constructed this large triangle that is exactly 3ft, a perfect triangle and has a 3 inch dept. The number 3 has always been my favorite number and also happens to represent the holy trinity. For the large triangle canvas we used an acrylic pouring technique. We started laying down the paint in a circular motion. We added something extra into the pouring medium, such as micca powder and alcohol inks to achieve the shimmer and glow of a sunburst. The center behind the dove is mostly a pearly white blended with yellows and oranges, and different shades of copper. With the acrylic pour I was able to get a harmonious blend of warm colors. The further to the corners you get, the warmer the color. We sealed the acrylic with epoxy and added strategic placement of gold leaf, scattered throughout the pour to enhance the vibrancy and value of the holy trinity symbolizing the investment of faith and the golden streets we will one day walk along. The gold leaf was then sealed with a second coat of epoxy. Then we added gold micca powder to the areas where the gold leaf sits on the canvas to add depth to the gold. The support structure behind the canvas is a cross and can be seen when the lights shine through from behind the canvas.

The Dove floats 2 inches from the canvas so a shadow will drop behind it depending on the time of the day. This also adds to the effect of the dove flying out of the sun burst. The dove itself I drew on to birch plywood and then cut out and sanded to make it smooth. The over-stylized dove I painted with acrylic cool tones to complement the triangle. Finished with spots of cool iridescence paint on the feathers so when the light hits the dove it adds another layer of mastery and majesty. We also sealed the dove with a top coat of epoxy and added a small amount of silver micca powder to make her a little extra magical.

How it fits into contest

Thoughts can easily be changed or manipulated, think of the Garden of Eden when the serpent got into the mind of Eve. Thoughts can sometimes be uncontrollable. We sometimes feel like we have no control. It’s an on going battle of the mind. A spiritual Battle of the mind, body and spirt. It’s constant. The large triangle represents what the whole armor of God means to me. What it means to go up against what you cannot see, spirit. Everything is not always what it seems. For I stand and say in boldness the Holy Trinity; Father, Son & Holy Spirit, I believe with all my heart that Christ Jesus died for me, that is my salvation, this is my armor against the wicked. The acrylic pour background is to represent the lack of control we have when it comes to spirit. We can’t control how God works in our lives or how he shows up, like acrylic pouring, you never really know what the outcome is going to be. And that can be discouraging at times when you need God to come through. The colors in the acrylic pour are to represent a fiery sunburst of light energy. When I have felt the Holy Spirt in my life it comes in like a wave of heat, something that takes over my body and spirit. The gold leaf is to represent the investment of faith and the golden streets we will one day walk along by giving everything that we are to God and allowing him to guide us through his plan. Spirit is forever knowing, always present, and always seeking fuller expansion through us to fulfill Gods will for our Life.

The dove represents an encounter of the holy spirit I had in my life through a dream. The holy spirit pulled me to pick up a dove and God spoke through me. The dove represent our being. Free-willed and able to fly and expand. As long as we wear the armor of God and keep our faith in him he will be on our side as our guide, with him we can be unstoppable. You just have to be awake.

I speak boldly with knowing God played the part of bringing my marriage back together after being separated for 9 months while working on this project. We started this project separated living in different places. We moved back in with each other, right after my husband had a bad accident and almost died, and still recovering we moved during a pandemic. There is always a battle we are facing. During the “day” of life it is easy to see the beauty and grace that God provides, but when you need him most is in the darkness and his love shines through.

Be bold, this is your awakening!


Brittani Bouwman
Lance Bouwman

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Canvas, Acrylic, Wood, Epoxy, Gold Leaf.
Graceful Awakening - $2500 (Negotiable)

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