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Caleb Thomas


Artist from Oregon now living in Colorado. What can I say, I love nature and all things created by God. My greatest inspiration comes from seeking. Life is difficult, so I take my difficulties to the source, and in the process of learning, I often create something to help me remember... or even share my experience with others. My life has been quite difficult at times, yet who can't relate... I only hope to inspire others to take a similar path... to seek, and to build on that connection with their Creator. And maybe leave something for the rest of us to enjoy. As a street artist, I write "esku" which is Hungarian for "Oath" this comes from a connection I made with the living word, written and spoken. As it says in the Bible... I believe we create our experience in life as we think, and as we speak. I tried to embody that for a long time... now it's just a part of who I am. You can find me on social media etc. by using "truesku" stay true to your words... they stay with you. I enjoy letters and light.. check out my work some time. Peace. -Caleb

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Art and commissions available. Caleb Thomas Facebook - KB Thomas Instagram - truEsku theOath - (wristbands) - (apparel)

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