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Artist from Oregon now living in Colorado. What can I say, I love nature and all things created by God. My greatest inspiration comes from seeking. Life is difficult, so I take my difficulties to the source, and in the process of learning, I often create something to help me remember... or even share my experience with others. My life has been quite difficult at times, yet who can't relate... I only hope to inspire others to take a similar path... to seek, and to build on that connection with their Creator. And maybe leave something for the rest of us to enjoy. As a street artist, I write "esku" which is Hungarian for "Oath" this comes from a connection I made with the living word, written and spoken. As it says in the Bible... I believe we create our experience in life as we think, and as we speak. I tried to embody that for a long time... now it's just a part of who I am. You can find me on social media etc. by using "truesku" stay true to your words... they stay with you. I enjoy letters and light.. check out my work some time. Peace. -Caleb





Artist Statement

This is a single frame image with no edits. I use a form of long-exposer photography where I leave the eye of the camera open for an extended period of time. This allows me to paint with light, more importantly it allows me to write with light. It's a bit tricky, but I've found a few ways to create my own light sources which give me different effects, styles, and colors of light. In this image I use a tool that allows me to write in a calligraffiti style. In order to accomplish writting with light in a readable form I actually face the camera and write backwards.

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Hallelujah is my favorite word, it means praise God. I've been down deep in some vallies, and yet I've also climbed some mountains. I see the importance of my struggles, and now as they arise so does my voice with a humble hallelujah. I know it hurts do be down in dirt, yet I know my strength comes when I remember that my God has a plan. A plan that is bigger than my current struggles, and a promise that those experiences are meant for good, meant to glorify God for an unending love, freely given grace, and a multitude of mercy. When I'm above the city and watching the sun rise I say hallelujah, and when its dark I write it in the stars... Hallelujah.
Through my studies and building of a relationship with God the word hallelujah and it's meaning to praise God has empowered me time and time again. In the sense of spiritual warfare it is my end-game move. Praise God and watch your world change. He will arm, and fight for you.
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah


Caleb Thomas - photography, light-writing.

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Caleb Thomas

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