Cândida Castro


Cândida Castro


As a bachelor in creative writing, I don’t have training in visual arts, but I’m interested in art in general since childhood. My purpose as an artist is to make the very ordinary supernatural life of a christian being known through literature. That’s it due to, in part, how God used christian music and literature to open my eyes to Him in the very beginning of my conversion. For me EA is an opportunity to create a piece of art that maybe useful to His purposes in someone else life as He did to me and a great chance to try another means of exercising at least part of this vision. I'm Brazilian, living in Brazil since always, baking, reading, taking care of my house and some plants. I own a bicycle too. For living, I work as an administrative assistant. At church, I serve as a Bible teacher for kids in expectation that they may love the Bible as a way of relating to God.

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To contact, please email me: candipoti@yahoo.co.uk

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