Artist bio

As a bachelor in creative writing, I don’t have training in visual arts, but I’m interested in art in general since childhood. My purpose as an artist is to make the very ordinary supernatural life of a christian being known through literature. That’s it due to, in part, how God used christian music and literature to open my eyes to Him in the very beginning of my conversion. For me EA is an opportunity to create a piece of art that maybe useful to His purposes in someone else life as He did to me and a great chance to try another means of exercising at least part of this vision. I'm Brazilian, living in Brazil since always, baking, reading, taking care of my house and some plants. I own a bicycle too. For living, I work as an administrative assistant. At church, I serve as a Bible teacher for kids in expectation that they may love the Bible as a way of relating to God.


“The coming of a nimble strength”



Artist Statement

This artwork captures the very moment when an angry heart is receiving grace from the gospel of peace (Ep 6,15) and its barriers are falling down. The heart is represented by clay, which are related to the “dust of the ground” (Gn 2,7) and by the green cover meaning it is a living heart. The anger is represented by stakes (thin, hostile and tight). Their combination means that anger can be raised in every human heart and the falling stakes means the anger being defeated.

How it fits into contest

Anger is a felling that demands revenge, but the Bible is clear that we are all forgiven sinners who are called to forgive too(Mt 18, 33). Maybe having that in mind, Paul exhorts abandoning anger in Colossians 3,8. In spite of that, I’m tempt to cultivate anger in my heart in my daily life. This artwork shows how dealing with anger as a specific spiritual battle can be win in face of the “gospel of peace”.
I chosed this theme because while reading Ephesians 6,10-20, it called my attention the verse 15: ‘and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace’. Semantically, it’s not so related to the strength and heaviness that seems to be related to the verses around. Thinking of it I realized that being quick (“readiness”) in forgiving (“the gospel of peace”), sometimes calling or meeting (“feet fitted”) people to have honest conversations, saved my soul more than once and avoided further damages in my relationships. The verse 15 was, in fact, a very powerful weapon in my life.

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