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Crystel Conde is a Visual Artist with a specialization in painting from the School of Arts, at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, she is also a Technical Draftsman with a diploma in Art and Design from the Center for Tuscany Creative Education in Guatemala, Member of the X-PERIMENTA group of Contemporary Art. It has different collective pictorial exhibitions, it has the creation of murals in the interior of Guatemala in the project of art and tourism, a country with more color of INGUAT. She is currently a professor of painting and drawing for children in the Fidelis ad artem association.
Her visual work is oriented to observation and investigation, employing the use of pictorial techniques such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc. With a warm color palette, it makes use of experimentation with materials from its surroundings and nature. His proposal is abstract and sometimes figurative, with a Guatemalan theme, even themes of introspection, creating sensory stimuli for the viewer that allows him to freely imagine, identify and interpret.

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