Darleen Kruger


Darleen Kruger


Watercolors that flow, move and excite

Darleen is a visual artist, in watercolors. She start by lightly drawing her subject, separating space and shapes. Then painting wet into wet and finishing with dry brush technic.

She has been blessed to have traveled abroad and all over the United States, Mexico and Canada. She was born in France and loves to paint memories of places She has lived and visited. Tropical islands, city’s, ranches, rodeos, people, flowers and things that bring Bible verses to mind are just a few of the thing that inspire her subjects.

As a young girl her sister taught her how to draw and paint.

She decided to use watercolor for the way it is translucent and can be layered. It’s spontaneous and structured at the same time. The splendid surprises She gets working wet into wet and how some of the grainy pigmentations give a wonderful textured look.
She really wants the viewers to get the feeling of movement and emotions.

Best Contact Method

My website is closed at this time, but you can email me at darsfineart@gmail.com to request a more detailed CV.
or ph 910-986-4864

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