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Watercolors that flow, move and excite Darleen is a visual artist, in watercolors. She start by lightly drawing her subject, separating space and shapes. Then painting wet into wet and finishing with dry brush technic. She has been blessed to have traveled abroad and all over the United States, Mexico and Canada. She was born in France and loves to paint memories of places She has lived and visited. Tropical islands, city’s, ranches, rodeos, people, flowers and things that bring Bible verses to mind are just a few of the thing that inspire her subjects. As a young girl her sister taught her how to draw and paint. She decided to use watercolor for the way it is translucent and can be layered. It’s spontaneous and structured at the same time. The splendid surprises She gets working wet into wet and how some of the grainy pigmentations give a wonderful textured look. She really wants the viewers to get the feeling of movement and emotions.


All Live's Matters



Artist Statement

This watercolor painting is unlike previous artwork that I've done.  The Lord has been calling me to step out with my artwork.  I had been struggling with how to paint God Honoring artwork.  So when I saw the Engage Contest to paint Ephs: 6: 10-20 it inspired me.
I prayed God would give me an idea and he did.  The Idea came to me in the middle of the night as I lay awake.  Often When I can't sleep I talk to God and pray.  So I was thinking how to make my painting point others to Jesus.  That's when I got the Idea, I thanked God. The rest was watercolor on Arches watercolor paper.  The People in my painting are likenesses of my Family members, my self, church family and some are made up to portray certain professions.
This Painting will Top the list as to how my canon of works develops going forward.
I prayed for God to give me more verses to paint and now almost every time I open my Bible I get some leads on what to paint. I read every day, so it has been almost overwhelming.  Halleluiah!

How it fits into contest

The Focus of this Watercolor is God's beloved Children of every Color and Walk of life.  Bound together by the Whole Armor of God.  To withstand the Spiritual Warfare all around us.  
We fight Spiritual Warfare against Abortion, depicted by the enfant in the yellow blanket. (at the top) 
Satan comes to Kill, Steal and Destroy. (bottom right)
But Jesus is on the Throne ( Top left ) he gives Power, the power of God to his Children.
The Sword of the Spirit (Top ) Angels sent out to thwart Satan's minion.
The Shield of Faith ( Right ) to keep them at bay.
Being bound together by the Belt of Truth that All Lives Matter to God. ( girded around all the people )
Wearing the Breastplate of Righteousness by serving others. ( middle Soldier )
The Helmet of Salvation to all who would believe that Jesus is the Christ and repent. ( also on Soldier )
Always having the Sandals of the Gospel on your feet ready to give to anyone anywhere. ( bottom left )


Darleen Kruger, Artist (I painted, Matted and Framed this Painting.)
My Husband Ronald Kruger Moral support.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original Watercolor Painting.
Interested buyers should contact Darleen Kruger, preferable by phone between the hours of 10:00AM to 9:00PM. You can also text me at the same number
910-986-4864 or email me at

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I do Watercolor Commissions on approval of the subject and the availability of the subject matter.

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