Desireemonae Gibbs


Desireemonae Gibbs


My name is Desiree Monae. I have been a christian all my life but was not baptized until I turned twelve. I knew it was something significant that needed to be done and boy am I thankful for allowing the Holy Spirit to govern me. I remember laying on my couch at 14 or maybe younger and telling God I wanted to be used by him. I thought it would be cool to be God's little agent. I didn't know the world of pain it would bring bu I am grateful either way, wouldn't change anything about my walk with God.

I knew and I didn't know how God was going to use me. I am still beginning to figure out his master plan. But I know one thing is for sure he always wants me to tell the truth in all that I do for him. The way I go about telling the truth in my film work, is by revealing how the enemy messes with our minds planting lies and doubt about the promises God has made.

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