Artist bio

My name is Desiree Monae. I have been a christian all my life but was not baptized until I turned twelve. I knew it was something significant that needed to be done and boy am I thankful for allowing the Holy Spirit to govern me. I remember laying on my couch at 14 or maybe younger and telling God I wanted to be used by him. I thought it would be cool to be God's little agent. I didn't know the world of pain it would bring bu I am grateful either way, wouldn't change anything about my walk with God. I knew and I didn't know how God was going to use me. I am still beginning to figure out his master plan. But I know one thing is for sure he always wants me to tell the truth in all that I do for him. The way I go about telling the truth in my film work, is by revealing how the enemy messes with our minds planting lies and doubt about the promises God has made.


Cocina De Soul



Artist Statement

I am an actress who had been on many auditions where I was stereotyped for being a person of color. I prayed to God and said, "God is this how you want me to go into my career telling lies about my people and who I am?" I went on my last audition for a stereotypical role and as soon as I stepped outside, every thing just stopped. It was a windy day but the wind stopped and everything went quiet. And I heard God say, "You are better than that?" And I said, "How can I be better and he said,"You are not that stereotype. That would be an insult of what I created you to be." So I prayed and I said God, I will not do anything without your permission. Please send me something that you approve of." The next week, I got a vision of a stripper going down a pole. I thought I was going crazy. I said, "That can't be God."

The next week the entire story started coming to me. I couldn't stop writing. And that is how Cocina De Soul was born. God specifically told me too model it after my own life, so that women all over the world can be freed form the spiritual attack on their self esteems and how they are treated.

How it fits into contest

In this video you will see three characters, Hayden Saxs, Chloe Park and Dashe Perez struggle with the on going war between good and evil within their spirits. These are excepts from a larger body of work called Cocina De Soul a tv script that I have been working on. One day you will see on tv.


Director, Writer, Producer, Cast, Music, Editing etc. -- Desiree Monae
Lead Cast -- Lora Nicolas(Chloe Park), Tiffany Rothman(Mrs.Park)
Cinematographer -- Liz Claflin

Transcript / Lyrics


Hayden glares at her flushed appearance through the mirror, disgusted. Embarrassed to even look at herself.

Best job ever huh?

CLOSE ON a puff of smoke seeps from her lips, the smokey haze ruffles Hayden's hair. Hayden shivers. She doesn’t look up maintaining her focus down the drain.

Oh yeah, great experience.

I saw how you was moving.

Yeah well uh... the music takes the
edge off of things.

White Vixen's tongue slides across her lips.

You do good out there.

Hayden blushes.

Look I appreciate the compliment, but--

Hayden raises her head. She does a double take, unsure of what she sees.

HAYDEN’S P.O.V. - She is face to face with WHITE VIXEN a devious version of herself. The same long flowing weave and red glitter lips.

Like the Cheshire cat, White Vixen’s smile floats as it slowly fades out.

White Vixen runs her eyes up and down Hayden's lean figure.
Hayden moves to the other end of the mirror. She wipes off her foundation. She finally musters up the courage to look in the mirror.

White Vixen traces her sharp French-Mani nail up Hayden's arm.

You got a lot of raw talent. Don't be ashamed of it. You shouldn't apologize for anything.

White Vixen's face spreads into a grim smile. White Vixen bursts into a menacing guffaw.

Hayden is distraught. She can’t believe her eyes.

CHLOE PARK, 20's, Korean American, searches frantically, swarmed with boxes documents. Her phone rings.

A fever?
(she sighs, holding back
I'll stop by the store....
(listens to her mother’s scolding)
No ma, I said I will get it.

Chloe’s baby son Conor’s cries SQUEEL through the phone. Chloe cringes at the sound of her son’s suffering.

Look I gotta go. I'll be over to
get them before nine... Yeah, bye.

Chloe hangs up seething with anger.

Long Pause -- as Chloe tries to pull herself together. She wants to fall apart but she can’t.
She hears...

Look at you. All lucked out, college drop out, knocked up and unmarried. Living the American dream I suppose. What a shame.

Chloe looks up to see -- CONFIDENT CHLOE. Literally a more confident version of herself with a chip on her shoulder.

To our surprise, Chloe doesn’t flinch. She scolds herself all the time.

But then, Confident Chloe ages before her eyes morphing into a middle aged WOMAN. Her face weathered with lines -- MRS. PARK, her mother. She is dressed in her Sunday best, a red button up.

MRS. PARK (in Korean)
Lucky you, College drop out, knocked up and unmarried. Living the American dream I suppose. What a shame.

Connor is still sick and you don't
have a dime to buy him medicine.
Chloe gives in to her sobs. Confident Chloe and Mrs. Park’s words taunting her, an echoing old record.

Dashe stares in the mirror at his frame nicely fitted into a rented suit. The tag still hangs from the cuffs. He has neglected to pull back his hair. It hangs loosely in his face.

Dashe hears--

VOICE(O.S) Ssssafffe....
Dashe looks around. He is alone. He looks back in the mirror. His body trembles.

Dashe grunts and groans. His hands twitch.


EMILY VALDEZ, 20's, vicious and daring paces the floor on a frantic rant. Crazed and confused.

I haven’t seen the light outside of
these four walls. I’m suffocating in here. You don’t get it do you? When are you going to let me go?

Dashe’s shoulders shake. He runs into--


He pulls his tie loose. He covers his mouth. Vomit threatens to erupt any moment. Sweat beads on his forehead.
Somehow he lands on his bed, trying to keep the vomit down. He drops to the floor. He cries, helpless.


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