Dhvani Patel


I am a visual Art Facilitator at an international 21k School and an owner of Dhvani Prolific Art, running a website. I am aware of the immense power of thoughts. Letting the waves of my best wishes and vibration of peace and love circulate, I can bring harmony and a touch of joy to the lives of others. I just close my eyes, visualize and feel the reality and let the scene flow on my canvas. Peace is not a place to go and get, it is a vibration of every soul to be in. I feel immense peace and wholeness in making the feminine paintings that extends positive message to the society. Life is a journey- Every person has a different experience, a different destination and itineraries to tick off. However, it's a journey that we must learn to savor, cherish and treasure. The feminine composition helps achieve the type of psychological depth that stimulates spectators to see different emotional undertones each time they observe the artwork. I depict the scene with the intention of evoking alacrity in the spectators.

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Dhvani Prolific Art

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