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I am a visual Art Facilitator at an international 21k School and an owner of Dhvani Prolific Art, running a website. I am aware of the immense power of thoughts. Letting the waves of my best wishes and vibration of peace and love circulate, I can bring harmony and a touch of joy to the lives of others. I just close my eyes, visualize and feel the reality and let the scene flow on my canvas. Peace is not a place to go and get, it is a vibration of every soul to be in. I feel immense peace and wholeness in making the feminine paintings that extends positive message to the society. Life is a journey- Every person has a different experience, a different destination and itineraries to tick off. However, it's a journey that we must learn to savor, cherish and treasure. The feminine composition helps achieve the type of psychological depth that stimulates spectators to see different emotional undertones each time they observe the artwork. I depict the scene with the intention of evoking alacrity in the spectators.


Soul Consciousness (Armor of God) – the key to a blissful life



Artist Statement

God said - 'Realize the Self first'. Without that, everything is groundless. "The Self" is not this physical body, but an eternal consciousness which resides in this body to experience life. When a soul enters the mother's womb, the process of creation of the body starts. The Soul is not a physical light, but a light of conscious energy, the fundamental being of experience.
This painting features a huge feminine human body that comprises of five ladylike figures which evinces the five Subtle Elements- Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space that frame the premise for all things found in the material creation.While the scintillating feminine shape ahead of the main figure is the soul ~ a divine energy within this body that runs and controls this body. The Soul has innate qualities inherited from the Supreme soul (God) which have been portrayed in the form of Mandala, Bird, Maple leaf, Lotus, Light, Hand and flower.
Since our birth, we depend on our senses to feel and realize individual thing around us and experience God through various mediums and ways, but as the years pass by we surrender ourselves to materialistic needs thus we tend to lose focus; the inner conscience remains unawakened. Awakening is nothing but a flow that is effervescent, no one can restrain it; it is an openness that keeps moving. We groom ourselves externally as well as take care of our health internally. But taking care of ourselves includes empowering our soul, our armor of God with its innate qualities that leads to a fruitful life.When in soul-consciousness, the original qualities of a soul naturally emerge. The soul is not dependent on external (physical) things for peace and happiness. Vices are the reason for experiencing sorrow or peaceless-ness.
We, all human beings are blessed with purest soul, the moment we learn to achieve celestial gleam our inner self reaches redemption; realizing this state of paramount bliss of unity with divinity.The time an individual realizes the ultimate truth of serenity he reaches to the state of awakening. Thus, it is now a message of God and it is time to awaken.

How it fits into contest

In the painting, the gleaming feminine shape ahead of the main figure is the soul ~ a divine energy within this body that serves as a Whole ARMOR OF GOD. The weapons of warfare are Belt of TRUTH, Breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS, Shoes of the GOSPEL, Shield of FAITH, Helmet of SALVATION, Sword of the SPIRIT,Constant PRAYER which have been portrayed in the form of the divine elements like Mandala, Bird, Maple leaf, Lotus, Light, Hand and flower respectively. In order to confront the power of darkness, we must put on the whole armor. God has given us his Word, the Bible, to remind us who He is, who we are, and what is true.


Bhavna Patel (My Mother) - My backbone, my lifeline, a lady behind my success.
Mitul Patel (My husband) - My motivator.
Dhvani Patel - When it comes to idea, Visualization and creation of the piece it was entirely done by me

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I do take commissions, make portrait sketches and run a website where one can find all my original artworks, Prints.

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