Diamante Lavendar


Diamante Lavendar


I'm an award-winning artist. My work has been featured in fifteen online galleries to date. I've won awards ranging from Best Of Show to Special Merit/Recognition, Honorable Mention and Excellence Awards. I've placed in the American Art Awards three years in a row. I've also won in several international online competitions and my work has been published in several magazines.
I create art that has a spiritual/emotive/nature theme. My art exemplifies situations, thought processes and circumstances that take into account spirituality, nature, and the human condition. I enjoy using art as "food for thought" regarding life, the issues of life and the human reaction to those issues, with a strong emphasis on spirituality. My art is created from a Christian perspective.

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People can visit my art site at https://diamante-lavendar.pixels.com. I also have an author site at https://www.diamantelavendar.com/. I'm also available by email at diamantelavendar@yahoo.com.

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Diamante Lavendar

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