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I'm an award-winning artist. My work has been featured in fifteen online galleries to date. I've won awards ranging from Best Of Show to Special Merit/Recognition, Honorable Mention and Excellence Awards. I've placed in the American Art Awards three years in a row. I've also won in several international online competitions and my work has been published in several magazines. I create art that has a spiritual/emotive/nature theme. My art exemplifies situations, thought processes and circumstances that take into account spirituality, nature, and the human condition. I enjoy using art as "food for thought" regarding life, the issues of life and the human reaction to those issues, with a strong emphasis on spirituality. My art is created from a Christian perspective.


Battle Cry


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This artwork depicts what happens when we dress ourselves with our battle armor and call on God for help. He enlists spiritual powers, including Jesus, our intercessor, to help us. I created this piece not only with digital work but also photography. This piece fits well with the spiritual art I've created over the past several years. I enjoy creating art that has spiritual flair!

How it fits into contest

The armor is shown on the bottom of the piece as a reminder of what we need to do when we call on God for help. We do have to take up our part and be informed regarding our battle gear. Then we call out for help from our Father in heaven and His son plus the spiritual armies ready to fight on our behalf. The battle is God's but we have to remember that we must do our part as well and know who we are in Him!


I was the creator of this piece.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original digital artwork and will be available on my website at It will be available in many sizes and price ranges. It will also be available to purchase on products such as home decor as well as prints. I can also be contacted by email at

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I have nearly 150 artworks on my site and I'm continually working on more. I'm also an award-winning author and my books can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Google Books.

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