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Hello, i am a former homeless (2011) who never learned anything, but i can do alot today somehow, if i am not just beggar on the streets or victim of ongoing crimes, abuse of psychology that makes everything good about me, everything good about human, an illness. i am facing homelessness right now again, which is how i found here, by trying any options to survive. My series Saturdance, especially the Worldys, saved my life so far but once i lose my home, i am done... then I will die as someone who never knew what a day of integration for all he was felt like. I am a born artist. I created VIMOSA for humanity, as solution to everything i ever seeked to find in this un-evolved divided world. This is where equality begins, judgement and discrimination ends. There you can find also a paper about the third dimension (you heard about as "Universe"- And now get this: In this paper about fundamental physics, god appears!). If i wouldnt be that unprivileged... Thanks for reading, sharing is caring, Peace Iso

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Email, soundcloud message, youtube comment, anywhere i am i will respond.

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