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Hello, i am a former homeless (2011) who never learned anything, but i can do alot today somehow, if i am not just beggar on the streets or victim of ongoing crimes, abuse of psychology that makes everything good about me, everything good about human, an illness. i am facing homelessness right now again, which is how i found here, by trying any options to survive. My series Saturdance, especially the Worldys, saved my life so far but once i lose my home, i am done... then I will die as someone who never knew what a day of integration for all he was felt like. I am a born artist. I created VIMOSA for humanity, as solution to everything i ever seeked to find in this un-evolved divided world. This is where equality begins, judgement and discrimination ends. There you can find also a paper about the third dimension (you heard about as "Universe"- And now get this: In this paper about fundamental physics, god appears!). If i wouldnt be that unprivileged... Thanks for reading, sharing is caring, Peace Iso


I Sent Myself To Heaven When God Fought A Spiritual Battle Tryna Understand How I Brought Birth To Worldy


Easy Listening

Artist Statement

I cant describe how much this and every other art i ever created means to me. I am alone in this life that started in rock bottom heroin society class. I was born in hell, i am still in hell, and yet here i am clearly in heaven, real heaven!

How it fits into contest

To be honest, i didn't create this specifically for the topic, but you gotta give it to me that i found a really great solution.

I have never won anything, i never fit criteria, i am never good enough. Still i will never stop believing in this one moment my life will turn around.
Here is my criteria: "NEVER GIVE UP!"


I love this one!
Very important in the creation of my submission:
Worldy Little The Skater
Super Worldy who turns into "Corona Worldy"
Happy Happ aka "Lil Happ"
Worldy Junior
Christmas Worldy
Water Worldy
And last but FIRST EVER WORLDY ONE, aka "The Fat One"

How to Purchase this Artwork

Heaven is for free.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I could offer free gardening: if you ever invite me into paradise, i can bring my hedge-scissors 🙂

Free epic Beats/Soundtracks:
on YouTube VIMOSA and my Soundclouds (where i will provide way more beats once i can afford a premium membership). If download links dont work or are not available, people shell ask me and i will provide it.

My free services (for example funny voice acting): (klick "all my free offers").

Also i could offer Paintings
Usually i dont sell these because i have a hard time giving art away, especially when a Worldy is involved, but since i am facing homelessness, it can save me.
Just one new painting "Hand of Samiya" , that i created specifically for sale, to save a 19y. old and her family (including 3 siblings under age 10) from homelessness. Since i am The Isolation Artist of course no one saw it - And by now sadly i dont even know if they are alive. Still, the painting is the most important i have ever created, in effort to protect other lives, made after a picture of Samiyas Hand. You can also create Puzzle of Peaces by the way! This series is for all of us, imagine it: one day people go to auctions to get these pieces for their collection. If you create one, share it with me, so it can also be exhibited in the virtual art museum.

I hope i was allowed to add links. If not, just remove them.

Music / Sound Sources

I am music producer. The beat used in "I sent myself to heaven" is one of my early works. Of course i evolved and could adjust sounds. Yet the way it was produced captures purity that i want to keep. Like: Womens bodys on the advertisements, for me they wouldnt need to fake it all around, i like to see nature, humans, we are imperfect. As long as sound touches the heart, the job is done perfect. I present you one of my most perfect beats!

Transcript / Lyrics

Words written in my submission:
I send myself to heaven.
Socking on heavens-door.
I just hit my toe so bad!
Iso + (The Worldys)

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