Farzaneh Moghaddam


Iranian painter and ceramicist born in 1997, with a bachelor's and master's degree in painting from Neishabour University. I work in the fields of painting and ceramics, and my ceramic products are titled geeli booshgab. I also teach. Group Exhibitions: Nature in Neishabour May 2013 The Theory of Colour in Neishabour 2013 Annual of Kamalol Molk in Neishabour October 2014 Exhibition in Mashad in February 2018 Conceptual art in Mashad in June 2019 Individual exhibition: Exhibition in Mashad in September 2016 Activities: Khayam workshop in Neishabour in May 2016 Participated in the 4th fine art festival in Dubai in September 2017 Acceptance of the article "Privacy in Works of Art" at the 21st International Conference on Aesthetics in Belgrade.

Artwork Entries