Artist bio

Iranian painter and ceramicist born in 1997, with a bachelor's and master's degree in painting from Neishabour University. I work in the fields of painting and ceramics, and my ceramic products are titled geeli booshgab. I also teach. Group Exhibitions: Nature in Neishabour May 2013 The Theory of Colour in Neishabour 2013 Annual of Kamalol Molk in Neishabour October 2014 Exhibition in Mashad in February 2018 Conceptual art in Mashad in June 2019 Individual exhibition: Exhibition in Mashad in September 2016 Activities: Khayam workshop in Neishabour in May 2016 Participated in the 4th fine art festival in Dubai in September 2017 Acceptance of the article "Privacy in Works of Art" at the 21st International Conference on Aesthetics in Belgrade.


Body shelter



Artist Statement

In traditionalist and patriarchal societies, women are oppressed, censored, and excluded from the social sphere in such a way that women gradually align with their censorship agents to silence, silence, and censorship by losing their status as independent individuals. They turn to biofeminism, and they are inevitably doomed to accept this dominance and eliminate their femininity, agency, and freedom in a civil war.
During various stages of this work (collection of works), abstract figures are created by censoring, eliminating, and simplifying the female form of the female body, in order to demonstrate the negative psychological and physical effects of society's false norms on women, which isolates and captures a woman.
Any method of executing these works is permissible.

How it fits into contest

Humans are constantly struggling and moving in order to acquire new concepts, and they spare no effort in this regard. This process can be viewed as an internal war, with two types: physical and spiritual. A woman in her human body fights to defend her spiritual values in the community in this work of art. Women defend their values by retaining their femininity and personality, and this resistance can be viewed as a spiritual battle.

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